Our story...

is probably much the same as yours. Over the years we have been continually confronted with all sort of terrifying information concerning the food we eat and feed our families. Sadly, much of it is true. Looking back, being raised in the country was a solid foundation for what was to come - going to college, moving to the city, and eventually moving back to the country. My entire family was country raised. They ate grass fed beef, hogs, and chicken. They grew an organic garden and canned their own vegetables. Every last one of them lived to be 85 to 103 years old and never saw doctors until their final days. Genetics? Maybe. Food? Definitely a huge factor.


My son-in-law and partner grew up in southern Guatemala. Cattle there roam freely on grass pastures. There was no practice of administering hormones or antibiotics. No fattening cattle up with grains in order to add weight and fats. He was very curious why the beef in the states tasted so different than back home. His search for information led him to discover the facts of feedlots and unnatural practices most cattle experience for commercial meat production.


We were fortunate to purchase prime river bottom land at the base of Red Mountain along the Yakima River about 20 years ago. This land has never had any herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizer added to it. It is irrigated land with very lush grasses (We hand crop any noxious weeds).


Our family eats the same beef. You can be assured we use the best practices in producing some of the cleanest non-adulterated grass fed beef available. Black Angus cattle are well known for being some of the best beef anywhere.


You are welcome to come visit our fields at any time.


Best Regards,


Gary Johnson