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 Our hogs are heritage breeds and raised with the same concerns and care as our cattle. Their environment is clean and harvested stress free. Our hogs are not given any antibiotics, growth hormones or any chemicals what-so-ever. Non GMO products and absolutely no "slop" or unhealthy feed. They are finished with healthy oats and barley. Our goal is to have a hanging weight of about 210 pounds. Many people think, "the bigger, the better". The truth is, the bigger they get, the higher the fat ratio. We have all opened a package of bacon and found strips of pure fat. So to reduce the excessive fat, our goal is to have the optimal hanging weight of around 210 pounds. You will still get plenty of that delicious bacon fat. 

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  • $4.29 per lb.    

  • Average 210 lb. hanging weight  

  • Takes 4 to 5 cubic feet of freezer space

  • Cutting, wrapping, and taxes included in price.

Purchase Details:

This website allows for you to place your deposit online via PayPal for your security and convenience. If you choose this method of payment, please remember to contact us for additional information. We will need your contact information in order to update you on the final weight and price of your beef, as well as to discuss your custom cut specifications.

Head over to our Contact Page you can get in touch with us.


Cutting instructions:

The cuts of pork to consider: Ham (save hock?), Roast, Chops, Bacon, Sausage, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lard (can be wrapped), Pounds to package.



As an example, our hogs produce approximately 40 lbs. of ham and 24 lbs. of bacon. The butcher shop will guide you through the custom cutting & wrapping process according to your specifications.



We require a non-refundable deposit when placing your order; Once the deposit is received, your pork is reserved. You can make your deposit online below.


Final payment:

Your final payment needs to be made 5 to 6 business days prior to pick up. You can pay with PayPal or by cash or check.

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